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Our history

The history of “Coffee from Lviv“ begins from the distant 1829.
It was then that in the city of Lion the first coffee shop was opened, which owes its appearance to the outstanding figure – Yuri Kulchytsky, namely, his heroic deed, which drastically changed the further life of the whole of Europe.

In 1683, when the calendar was the twelfth day of the month of September, a battle took place near Vienna, known in history as the "Viennese Resistance" or "The Coffee Battle". As a result, the long-standing Turkish siege of the Habsburg capital was lifted.

The decisive role in the victory was played by a Ukrainian, a native of the village in Lviv region, by Yuri-Franz Kulchytsky, who, as a reward for his achievements, received 300 bags of coffee left by the Turks.

Subsequently, he opened the first coffee shop in Vienna, which became the center of the Viennese elite. Ukrainian taught to drink coffee at first the Viennese elite and then later whole of Europe.

Kulchytskyi brought coffee beans to Lviv, where they began to cook from them the most unique beverage in the world.

It was from Lviv that the heart-rending aroma of coffee flew through the invisible veil of Europe, going into every home and soul.

Viennese inhabitants perpetuated the merits of a prominent Ukrainian monument in the center of the city on the same name in the Viennese street Kolschitzky.

Therefore, which brand of coffee you did not drink, which brands would not position it as your own creation, it still has Ukrainian, namely, Lviv origin!


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